Association was born in 1996 with the general objective of creating a reference framework in the performing arts aimed at children and young people to promote and defend access to quality culture for children and youth.

The soul of the organization is made up of companies with a long and proven track record, including some of its founders, who remain very active artistically and associatively together with other younger groups from all over the national territory, all of them embrace a common desire: to dignify the arts performances aimed at children and youth.

Activities are carried out annually in different lines of action:

  • Since 1999 LOS ENCUENTROS TE VEO Festival of Performing Arts for Children and Youth, at the Calderón Theater in Valladolid.

  • DAYS OF REFLECTION, with discussion tables, workshops, presentations, etc. Organized in several cities of the national territory, with excellent professionals and different themes always aimed at the professionalization of the sector.

  • Preparation and dissemination of the EXHIBITION PROTOCOL, available in all the official languages ​​of the country, in English and French.

Pedagogical programs, workshops, national and international conferences, studies, publications and development of joint and coordinated plans with other professional associations in the country (ASSITEJ, TTP, UNIMA) and other countries: “TE VEO CHILE”

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